Sitemap - 2021 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Happy New Year!

Vestal on McMorris-Rodgers

The Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays!

Stocks, the Free Market, and the Wealth Gap

Mayor Woodward in the Christmas Spirit

The Redoubt Makes National News

States' Rights versus the 14th Amendment

Republican County Commissioner Partisan Meddling

CMR and the IRS

Roe, States' Rights, and Religion

Eyes on the Local GOP

CMR and the Mafia Don-ald

Which the Bigger Crime?

Republican Deliberate Distortion of History

County Power Grab of SRHD

The Home, the Bank, and the Treadmill

Central Valley SD and the Shea Machine

Welfare for whom?

CMR Votes Against Infrastructure Funding

Truth, Numbers, and Denominators

Wealth and Taxes


Shame on You, Ozzie

A New Republican-Made Bugaboo

Peddling Anger and Fear

A School Board Disqualification

Spokane-Climate Change and Resiliency



Realtors & Developers


Spokane County Redistricting

Local Big Lie Promotion

Multi-Pronged Assault on the Central Valley School Board

Intimidation of School Boards

The Two Faces of Corporations on Climate Change

Masks, Vaccines, Religion, and the Usual Suspects

50% Electric Vehicles by 2030?

McMorris Rodgers Gets A Free Pass

How We Know What We Think We Know

New Video Link

A School Board Takeover in the Making

WA School Board Electoral Civics


The Covid Insanity Next Door

Don't Lose Sight of Your Local Scene

Texas in the Broader Republican Context

Covid Vaccine and the Christian Message

Republican Pandemic Fiscal Profligacy

Tyler LeMasters, Legitimate Candidate or the?

Afghanistan, Biden, and the Media

Local Insurrectionists on Parade

Covid-19 Transmission

Afghanistan--Who Gets to Criticize?

The Lorax

Chase and McCaslin, True Believers

Vaccine and Pandemic Mis-information

Pandemic Science

The Price for Being Mentally Ill in Spokane County

Local Climate Fight Coming to Your Ballot

Election Results

CMR Town Hall 5PM in Spokane

EXTRA: Local CMR Townhall Monday

Vote! Plus an Erratum.

Money Talking in the Spokane Primary

Local Media Slant

Corporate Deceit

School Board Contests

Election Orientation, Part II

Primary Guides

RCV Gains Ground

Cathy's Climate Sabotage

A Bedrock Voting Basic

The End of Denial?

Selling Our Attention


Where Local Power Lies

Wealth and Righteousness

Government Transparency

Spokane Business v. Labor

Sacred Civics

C. Koch's "Under the Dome" Strategy

A Few Positives

Groundwork for an Autocrat

Clark, Lutz, and SRHD BOH

A Pinnacle of Voter Suppression

Whose Memorial?

Trouble at Covenant?

Nikole Hannah-Jones

1619 and 1776

The "Lost Cause" Narrative

Excise Tax or Property Tax?

Critical Race Theory, a Threat?

SRHD BOH Is Due for Change

Smearing Equity, Part II

Smearing Equity, Part I

Tipping the Scales of Local Government

Indivisible--Haskell and the SRLJC

Indivisible--To Kill a Mockingbird???

Indivisible--Rufo's Third Grade Argument

Indivisible--Jim Crow of the North

Indivisible-Critical Race Theory??-W

Indivisible-County Redistricting Impasse-W

Indivisible-The Road to Herd Immunity-W

Indivisible-Still Out-M

Indivisible-Back Monday-F

Indivisible-Back Next Monday-W

An Insane Healthcare System--M

Indivisible--Day Off--F

Indivisible-Another Origin in Slavery?-W

Indivisible--H.R.1 and Georgia on my Mind

Indivisible-The Billionaires' Gaffe

The Matt Shea Show

Indivisible-Sen. Murray's Shift-M

Indivisible-WA Public Disclosure Commission-F

Indivisible-Voter Suppression-W

Indivisible-The High Ground



What Happened to RCV?

Dr. Seuss, the Epoch Times, and Fear

Redistricting, Part II, Focus In

Redistricting, Part I

CMR Changing the Subject

The Senate is Broken

Our Region's MTGreenes

CPAC Craziland

Spokane Covenant Export

RCV and the Impeachment Trial

Phineas Priesthood Parallels

Vote!, Short-Selling Trap, 2008


Spokane's White Supremacists

Republicans, Schools, and Taxes

Pandemic Predictions

Let's Not Lose Track

Ranked Choice Voting Plus

You Didn't See This Coming?

CMR's "Trickle-Down" Economics

Covid and Immunity