Sitemap - 2022 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Christmas to New Year Break

Merry Christmas!

Camp Hope in the Cold

Marge Greene Comes to a Party Near You

Our Racist Covenant(s)

Day Off

Homelessness--Constructive Community Efforts

Woodward Wants to Move Funds from Affordable Housing to Support Her Warehouse

A Local Battleground over Gender-Inclusivity Education in Public Schools

What Will It Take?

Seven Dollars

Spokane County Election Certification

Woodward and the One Percent Rise

Day Off

Tucker Carlson’s Culpability


Violence Large and Small--and the Social Milieu That Nurtures It--CORRECTION

Violence Large and Small--and the Social Milieu That Nurtures It

CMR Stands Out

The Nuts and Bolts of Local Government

Are We Becoming Numb?

100 Beds

Rest Day II

Rest Day

Campaign Finance Power Plays

Election Details

More of Prosecutor Haskell?

Quellers of Violence?


How Dobbs Affects My Voting

McCaslin Demonstrates His Lack of Fitness

Voter Guides

Local Redistricting Is Not Done

4-5PM Today-Auditor Race Event

CMR Would Make Mass Shootings More Deadly

What’s That About Spending Wisely?

The Prosecutor and the Sheriff Called Out

Who’s Helping and Who’s Hindering

Dalton v. McCaslin

Judges, Jails, and Justice in Spokane Co.

What’s Ozzie Up To?

"Drop Box Training"?

The Sheriff and the Prosecutor

The Ozzie and Nadine Show

What Was Flynn Peddling in Post Falls?

An Open Letter to Mayor Woodward

CMR. Who is She Really?

How Far Will They Go?

Flynn's Reawaken America Tour Revisited

"Election Integrity" and the SpokaneGOP

Flynn's Reawaken America Tour Comes to the Inland Northwest

Binary Thinking in a Non-Binary World

Labor Day

Chris Cargill's Broken Record

CMR's Imaginary Environmental Commitment

Questions for Cathy

Republican Voodoo Economics and CMR

Spokane County Election Integrity and Procedures

Demonstration at CMR's Office

Whom is CMR Protecting?

"Democrats Just Voted to Raise Your Taxes"

Another Trumpist Christian Grifter Comes to Spokane

Heat Pumps and "Conservatives"

Hello For Good's Partisan Ideology on Homelessness

"Conversation with Cathy" Canceled

CMR Townhall

Electoral Foreordination by Punditry

Are Woodward and Cathcart "Too Comfortable"?

Primary Election Deadline Day Is Tomorrow

Primary Election Deadline Day Is Tuesday

Local Candidate Information Guides

Contraception and "Our" Representative

Ballot Processing

WA Secretary of State

RCV and the Prosecutor

Justice Thomas and the Disturbing Direction of the Supreme Court

Ballots Are Out!

McCaslin Jr. for Spokane County Auditor?

Teen Vogue and the Wilmington Massacre

Stoking Doubt for Electoral Advantage

Spokane County Elections Want YOU!

Celebrate Independence Day

The Interrelations of the Rest of County Government

Spokane County Commissioners

Day Off

Election Integrity and Republicans (national and local)

J. Michael Luttig and Government Service

Military Weaponry in Civilian Hands

Matt Shea: Lying in Jesus' Name

Patriotic Front has Links in Spokane

Orient Yourself in the Election Landscape

Full Disclosure--Today's Events

March For Our Lives--Today

Extend the NFA

CMR is on Message

Unwritten Rules for Being Homeless

Correlations to Homelessness

Where is the National Will?

Days Off

The Takeover of our Neighbor

Perversion of the Christian Message

The Usk Money Mine--Part II

The Usk Money Mine--Part I


March for Women's Rights--TOMORROW

Next Week--Election News

McMorris Rodgers and her Bald-faced Lie

Al French and the Levers of Government

The Right to Privacy

Benjamin Franklin

Mayor Woodward on the Homeless

Where's Meidl Coming From?

WA Secretary of State

Members' Representational Allowance

Inspirational Video--and a Day Off

Republicans and the IRS

CMR, Insulin, and Drug Prices

Chief Meidl, SPS, and Restorative Practice

CMR on the Age of the Earth

Homelessness Issue Tonight at City Council

Another Day Off

Day Off

WPC and Fossil Fuels

Too Close, Too Raw

Meidl v. SPS

What's Meidl Up To?

Day Off

Spokane GOP

CMR's Smear Campaign

How Did (Some) "Christianity" Become So Toxic?

CMR, Oil, and Climate Change

Parents for Inequity and Exclusion

Neo-Nazi Gathering Tomorrow??

Public Funding for Private Schools

Day Off

CMR's Heckling Glee

Clergy Speak on Public Schools

CMR's Response to Ukraine Crisis?

Bannon and Goebbels

Cathy the Dissident

Cathy the Dissident

Are Book Burnings Next?

WPC and the Spokesman

Shawn Vestal on Al French

Spokane County Commissioners Run Amok

Racism and Sports--Are We Done Yet?

11:15AM Today: Homelessness & Affordable Housing Zoom Forum

CVSD Ideologues

Mental Illness and Homelessness

Spokane Has a Prosecutor Problem

Stockton and Simple Courtesy

The Real Cathy

CMR and the Big Lie

Big Lie--Origin of a Label

Christian Nationalism--A Local Export

Don't Look Up

Beyond Politics

Is Spokane "Cured"?

States' Rights

The Argument Over Shelter Beds


CMR's Inflation Concept

Another Day Off