Sitemap - 2019 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Holiday Thoughts on the Eve of Christmas

Two Week Vacation! Happy Holidays!

That Which Ails Us

Governance Logjam, A Path Toward Fixing It?

Impeach But Don't Send?

CMR has it wrong. Tell her tomorrow

Socialism v. Capitalism, What's in the Words?

Muder on Barr's Speeches

"Independent" Money in the Spokane Elections

Presidential Resignation?

Our Regional Reputation

Senate Impeachment Trials

Slade Gorton on Impeachment

Spokane's "Daily Caller"

Seattle-Tax Sinkhole or Source?

Science v. Belief

We Make National News-Again


Bribery is the Word for This

The "Evangelicals"

Elections: We're Not Done

The Local Republican Cancer

Why Impeachment is Necessary

Voter Tools and References

Initiative 976

"Find-the-Facts" Wendle

Last Word on Woodward

Better Spokane and City Propositions 1 & 2

Nadine, Trust, Reproductive Rights

Ref 88 and Eyman's Footprints

Eymans' I-976, "Permanent Offense"

Ballots! Homework!

Who is "Spokane"?

A City to Live in, Not Drive Through

Impeachment Points and CMR

Blame and Spokane Homelessness

Ozzie, the SpokaneGOP, and the Militant Right

Impeachment: The Court of Public Opinion

Open Letter to Spokane Voters

In Which City Do You Wish to Live?

Mike Leach and Whataboutism

Why Woodward and Wendle want it "Non-Partisan"

Tonight's Ozzie Town Hall--Plus

Trickle Down Housing

Schools and Sex Ed

Matt Shea and the Roots of the Local Far Right

Knezovich v. Shea on Display

Homelessness, Nadine, and Worldview

Who's Buying the Municipal Elections? Part II

WA RPAC Money, How to Respond

WA RPAC Money: How Did It Come to Spokane?

Shea, Holaday, and the Spokane County Interstate Fair--More

A Plea. Local Politics and Money

Who's Buying the Spokane Elections?

Shea, Holaday, and the Spokane County Interstate Fair

Who's Mum on Matt Shea?

Lecture August 20: Evangelicals in Modern America

The Purchased Primaries

Vote! CMR Gonzaga Town Hall Tomorrow!

Who's a Jerk?

The Spokesman in Eastern Washington

Spokane Transit

Nadine and the Big Money

The Board of Spokane Public Schools

A Ballot--In Mid-summer???

Nadine, Fear, and Numbers

Facebook & How We Form Opinions

The Ombudsman & the Police Union

Of Elections and Endorsements

Municipal Elections--What's Up?

Amash Defection

WPC. Expertise?

Matt Shea and SV City Council Event


The -Isms

Defending Freedom

Plausible Deniability in Spokane

CMR Saving Part D?

D-Day in Perspective

McConnell's Place in Hell

The Soros Demonization

The Soros Meme

Scott Walker on Partisanship


Global Warming and Physics

State of Liberty Gala this evening

Local Christian Identity Politics

Local Republican Soul-Searching

Local Campaign Finance Fiasco

A Humane World

Washington Policy Center

Scott Walker, The Rest of the Story

When It's Personal

James Longstreet Statues?

The Company You Keep

The Us v. Them Narrative

CMR and the Violence Against Women Act Renewal

WPC, Right on Cue

The Spokane SD81 Levy

WA School Funding and Taxes

The WA School Funding Puzzle

The Beginnings of Climate Science

Taxes and the Ultra-Wealthy

Spokane Becoming Seattle?

Violence Against Women Act Renewal & CMR

Trump's Media War

Nadine Woodward

The Anti-Democratic Electoral College

A Tale of Senates, Part II

Foley Dinner! Friday, March 22

A Tale of Senates, Part I

The Flag as a Symbol

Spokane GOP--What it Stands For

The Dictator's Playbook

The "Democrat" Party and CMR

Spokane GOP Shows Its Colors--Again

Fox's Hearing Coverage

Red Line

Is CMR a Stateswoman?

Control by the Minority

A Constitutional Perspective

A Constitutional Crisis

Cathy's Comfort Zone

History and Civics, A Plea

Representation and Demographics

CMR on the Funding Bill

The Weekly Sift, Snow Day

Local Governmental Geography

A Union for the Wealthy?

WPC and The Spokesman

Have You Voted Yet?


Trump as Christian

Tyndall, Trace Gas, and the Merchants of Doubt

"Why Congress is so Dumb"

The PDC, WA State Civics

Free Market Medicine?

Who is Speaking, Physician or Drug Company?


Emerge, Candidate Training

Local Civics, Part I

CMR's "Waste of time"

What Underlies Trump's "Compromise" Offer




What makes it "Partial"?

Life Imitates Art

Matt Shea and His Business Donors

Shutdown, The Country Held Hostage

The Dues We Pay

Trust and Knowledge

Women's March, Saturday, January 19th!

Smelters, Silicon, and Solar Panels

A Few Votes Make a Difference Again

The 116th Congress Opens Today, January 3, 2019