Sitemap - 2018 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Happy Holidays!

Hastert's Legacy

Shared Reality

The Statistic v. the Story

Matt Shea and the SPLC

What I Learned from Jon Tester

Corporate Values

The Shea Exposé

"Politics is War for Power"-Newt

From Dominionism to the Pale Blue Dot

Shea/McCaslin Vote Discrepancy, What Does it Mean?

"The Media isn’t 'Polarized', It Has a Right-Wing Cancer"

Daniel Walters on Brown v. CMR

"Biblical Basis for War"--Shea

Happy Thanksgiving...with your Angry Uncle


Robin Can't Let it Rest

The Waif and the Grocery Tax

The Ideological Takeover of the Judiciary Grinds On

A Tale of a Seat--GA CD6

Cathy Shifted...and Slid

Trump's Party as seen by a once loyal Republican

Veterans Day

CMR, It's Time to Protect Mueller

Trump Crossed the Line Yesterday

The Day After

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over

WA Election Civics-Things I Didn't Know

Ten Friends

Things I've Learned

Ted Cummings, Shea and the Spokesman

My M.D. Gripe with CMR

Judge Triplet Has Died

Canvass!...and More

Ted Cummings v. Matt Shea

CMR: "I take offense!"

Green (D) and Konis (R), Clear Choices

March to the Ballot Box-TODAY

The Weekend, Debate Comment, Erratum

CMR and the Deficit Scam

Citizens United Comes to Spokane County

Indivisible--Tu--CMR, Pre-Existing Conditions, and Fuzzy Economic Thinking

CMR is Back, and She's Worried

Kavanaugh, Pinnacle of the Libertarian Plan

Local Republican Schism?

A Tale of a Drug and What it Means

Is the Electoral College Sacred?

Guide to the Archive

The Tribalism of the Kavanaugh Nomination

Lisa Brown's Clarity v. CMR's Fuzzy Thinking on Health Care

CMR's Tax Backfill Attempt

Ginsburg to Kavanaugh, How Far We've Strayed

CMR and George Soros

What Next?

How Old is the Earth and Why is the Answer Important?

Lisa Brown on Democracy

Was He Punished for Drug Pricing? Look again.

CMR and Kavanaugh

The Parallel Universe/No-Go

The Debate. Were Minds Changed?

Health Care, Republican All-Purpose Talking Points

Nature Roars. Does CMR hear?

Rural Hospitals, Mike Bell v. CMR's non-analysis

The Blizzard and How to Fight It

The Dissertation v. CMR

Why We Canvass

Paul Ryan's PAC?

Knock, Converse, Write! Here's Why

LB/CMR in The Atlantic...and More

An Election for County Treasurer...or a "Knife Fight?"

The United States of...Apathy?

The Debates

Labor Day, Just the End of Summer?

John McCain and Tom Foley, the Integrity We've Lost

WA State Voter Regs--Civics!


Who's a "Career Politician?"

The Task Before Us

The Republican "Final Solution"

Immigration and Consolidation of Power

Roll Up Your Sleeves

CMR's Flash Town Hall

Rejoice! Join the Parade! Local Politics in Action

McMorris Rodgers' Answer to Summer Smoke

Why Yard Signs?, What is it?

The Doorbell and What's Behind It

More on Nunes' Spokane Revelations

Devin Nunes in Spokane/What He Said

Trump Psychology and a Correction

The Local GOP and the Alt-Right

The Progress of the Primaries

Followup on Spokane County GOP's NWGrassroots

Republican Bedfellows/Rally This Evening (8/2/18)

Nunes/Primary Update/Things to Do

Expertise or Ideology?

Devin Nunes + John Strobel's letter on Trump

Judgeship Election/Primary Election Civics

CMR Brings Devin Nunes to Town

An Open Letter to CMR--Followup

An Open Letter to CMR

Local Voters' Resources and Notes on Voters' Guides

Primary Election Notes

The Importance of Smiling

Volunteers? Grassroots? Let's pin that down

Ferry County Electoral Hijinks

New Phase. G.O.T.V.! Huh?

CMR and "Hearing Protection"

Primaries Coming! Civics Info

Worldview II, CMR's Climate Change Myopia

CMR on Climate Change/Global Warming

CMR's Worldview?

"Walk a Mile in Our Shoes"--CMR and Family Separation Policy

An Introduction to a Thoughtful Writer (You can't compromise with bullshit")

CMR's Immigration Duplicity

Trumpian/Republican Immigration Overreach

Words Matter

The Immigration Reality Distortion Field

CMR's Non-Solution to the Health Care Dilemma

Health Insurance v. Health Care

CMR's Shallow Grasp of Medical Economics

Matt Shea and the Red Pill

CMR, DACA, and the Discharge Petition

Civics: Primaries

CMR's Devotion to NRA Messaging

CMR and the Spokane GOP's Fox News Bubble

Does CMR Understand Budgets?

CMR and the Clandestine Assault Rifle Auction

James Allsup--GOP Precinct Officer

McConnell's Place in Hell

CMR's Legislative Hypocrisy

DaVita-Your Tax Dollars at Work

Cathy's Trip to Pullman

CMR's DACA Bait and Switch

The Green Bluff "Conversation"

Jason Chaffetz in Spokane? Really?

CMR's Town Hall Ruse

Memorial Day

CMR's "Courageous Conversations"

Which McMorris Rodgers?

Citizens United Part III

CMR's Message of Division

Citizens United--Part II

CMR Twists on Net Neutrality


Citizens United--Part I

The Big Money Twenty--CMR on the Roster

Cathy's Coffers Part I, CMR For Congress

Cathy's Coffers Part II, The "Dream" Project

Cathy's Coffers Part III, The CMR PAC

What is Avista saying about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

CMR and Term Limits

Drip, Drip, Drip--The Changing of Minds

In Her Own Words

FEC Rules And Volunteers

M Perez And CMR

CMR/Republican "Ethics"

Member's Representational Allowance

CMR buying coffee?

Empowerment or Entitlement?

Silencers and CMR

A Nice Business Perk With Your Omnibus Spending Bill, Sir?

A Political Journey--My Changing Impression of the Democratic Party

The Myth of the Free Market in Health Care

The ADA, What HR620 says of our Rep and the Republican Party