Sitemap - 2023 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Happy New Year Weekend

How Many Square Feet?

Christmas Stories

Christmas, Inn Keepers, And Homelessness


McMorris Rodgers on Ukraine Funding

They’re out stalking the malls in eastern Washington

A Plug For RANGE Media’s Coverage of Local Civics

Liberty Lake Follow-up; Johnson; Tuberville

A Little Judicial Orientation

Gender Queer

Defund the Liberty Lake Library?!

The TRAC Shelter Contract--At City Council Tonight

Blue Missouri

The Perversion of the Initiative Process

The Power of Myth in a Picture

Decline to Sign!

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving

Liberty Lake Council Poised to Give Itself Veto Power Over the Library


Fundamentalism, David Barton, and the Alternative Narrative

McMorris Rodgers Needs to Share Blame

The Spokane Fall Folk Festival

They Tried , but They Couldn’t Buy It

Day Off

Last Chance to Vote is Tuesday at 8PM

Vote!--and Notes

The Spokane “Good Government” Alliance

The Origin of the Second Amendment Explained

A Guide to Voters’ Guides for the Rational Voter

Extra: Musings on the CVSD School Board Election

Spokane County Measure 1 Doesn’t Measure Up

Schools Board Elections

Voters’ Guides and Tips

Homelessness in Spokane Broadly Considered

Larry Stone, TRAC, and the “Curing" Videos

Rob Linebarger and the CVSD

What is Fueling Spokane’s Homelessness?

Violence is Trump’s [and the Republican Party’s] Brand

A Perspective on Christian Nationalism

The Mayor and Martin v. Boise

Capitalism, Greed, Sex, and the AR-15

The Lessons of Camp Hope

Woodward, Shea, and the City Council Resolution

Re-Focusing on Homelessness

Washington State Insurance Commissioner

FUSE with Special Guest, Governor Inslee

Sometimes Events are Seen Most Clearly in the Rearview Mirror

The Semi Bird Recall--Another Lesson

Another Local Manifestation of Climate Denial

A School Board Tale

Day Off

Co-opting Christianity

Danielle Allen: Bringing Democracy Back from the Brink

This Evening at 5:30-6:30

The Importance of Civic Education

Labor and Wealth

People of Faith, Values, and Goodwill Speak Out

City of Spokane Proposition 1

Republican Platform? Who Needs One?

Shea's Christian Nationalism

Feucht, Shea, Woodward, and Moore

One More Day Off

Adrian Fontes--This Coming Saturday!

Off the Rest of the Week

The Primary and the General

Adrian Fontes--August 19th

“Stewardship” of the Earth

Tomorrow is the Primary Election Deadline

What is “Center Square”?

Homelessness, News, and Elections

"The Heat Will Kill You First"

VOTE! More on the Primary Election Choices

“Public-Private Partnership”

School Boards

The Ballots “Dropped"

Pre-Judgement vs. Data

Can Brian Noble Hear Himself?

The Local Republican Art of Baseless Accusation

McMorris Rodgers--Radical Libertarian

The Best 4th of July Essay I’ve Yet Read

Trip to Colville!

Spokane Regional Authority for Homelessness, Housing, Health and Safety

More REIN(S)


McMorris Rodgers’ Machine

Woodward’s Warehouse

The Legacy of Camp Hope

The McMorris Rodgers’ Machine Calling the Shots Locally

Well, Cathy, What Now?

Tours This Wednesday and Thursday!

The Government is Coming for your Gas Stoves!

The Meaning of a Word

Who’s Really Running in the August Primary?

The “Fourth Turning” and the Memory We Lost

Pre-Election Council Shifts

Day Off

Haskell Backs Off

Prosecutorial Discretion and Racial Prejudice

The Republican Debt-Ceiling Hostage Gambit

How Low Will They Go?

The National Debt--A Spending or a Revenue Problem?

Nadine and Ozzie

The Skill Required of a Mayor

McMorris Rodgers For Veterans??


No Way to Run a City

Day Off

A Stark Contrast You Might Have Missed

McConnell’s Newest Procedural Obstruction

Day Off

“By the People"

The Excuse of “Election Integrity"

More Republican Election Meddling

Justin Jones and Joan Baez

A Plea For Cooperation

One Young Man’s Racial Awakening

Nashville, Guns, and McMorris Rodgers

Madsen Math

McMorris Rodgers Faces Constituents Today at 12:30PM in Spokane Valley

McMorris Rodgers Faces Constituents Monday at 12:30PM

This Photo Says It All

"George Soros!"

The Chief and Chud

Woodward Wasting Tax Dollars

"Camp Hope Must Close” and the ESBA

The Party of Bank Failures

Dobbs 2.0


McMorris Rodgers is Math Challenged

We Make National News--Again

Congressional District Change of Party

It’s Official: Lisa Brown for Mayor of Spokane


Trains & Regulations

Dobbs is just the Beginning

“Confidential Memorandum--Attack on American Free Enterprise System"

“Pastor" Peters’ Hollow Defiance

Tom Foley Legacy Dinner and the County Dems

“They’re Coming for Your Gas Stove!"

SpaceX, Starlink, and Ukraine

Hijacking Democracy Symposium

Time to Pitch In

The Divided Dial

What Happened to TCAPP?

Another Day Off

Day Off

Substack and Pledges

Cathy’s Climate Change Coming Out

Jail Misconceptions

Spokane GOP Takes a Hard Right Turn--Again

The Ubiquity of Guns

The Two Santas, the Debt Ceiling, and a Man You Never Heard Of

Fentanyl--Details We All Should Know

Who’s Fiscally Responsible?

Power is Shifting Among the County Commissioners

The Bullet We Still Need to Dodge

Dueling Speeches

Where Was Cathy?

The Al French Way

Republican Manufactured Immigration Crises

News Over the Holidays