Sitemap - 2020 - Indivisible--The High Ground

Time Off

Vaccines and Trust

Seditious Sycophants

Elections-A Better Way

The Pfizer Vaccine

Covid-A Better Example


Housing Levy Follow Up

Cut Adrift in Covid

Housing Levy-Tonight

Vaccines!--Part II

TG's Holiday History

Happy Thanksgiving

Vaccine!--Part I

CMR, Elections, Covid

Spokane Co. Gov. Revamp

Why Georgia?

SRHD Adrift

WA State BOH

SRHD BOH Meeting

SRHD Board Decision

Lutz/SRHD BOH Meeting Guide

Lutz/SRHD BOH Meeting Announcement

The Election Looms

Lutz and Bylaws-An Action

Lutz, SRHD, Governance

Check Your Vote!

Spokesman Endorsement

Extrajudicial Execution

CMR and Minority Rule

We Make National News-Again

Vote! It's Not Over

Leaders in Covid Death

Elections and WA Judges

Law, Norms, Mandates, and Masks

Venue, Ventilation, and Vocalization

Covid and Republicans

Republicans-A.W.O.L. on Climate

WA Ballots-Early Mailing

Breonna Taylor-Who Owns the Fault?

Pedophilia, Ref. 90, and Politics

The American Redoubt

Local Republican Defection?

Update Your Priors!

We Make National News-Again

Air Apocalypse

Disrespecting the American People

Republicans Changing History

The Danielson/Spokane Story

The Platform of the GOP

Baumgartner: Cut Teacher Pay!

Joey Gibson/Provocation/Spokane


Covid-19: A Way Out Before a Vaccine

Spokane County Government-A Change

Concentration of Local Power

Covid Musings

Pedophiles Against Sex Ed!

NW Far Right is No Joke

Turnout Stats-Record Low or High?

Testing - Fast and Slow

Republican Extremist Dilemma

Thank You-s


Covid-19 Refined

The Primaries Plus

Portland-On the Ground

Covid, Masks, Evidence and Ideology

Defund and Cripple Government!

CMR vs. Whom?

Covid v. the Economy

Extra--Portland as Prelude?

Belligerent, Whiny Adolescents

CDC and Data Control

WA Primary Ballots!

So Much We Don't Know

Covid, Aerosols, Indoor Air

Race and Republicans

Protest and Persistence

The Values of the 4th of July

CMR and Voter Suppression

Facebook and Judd Legum

Guild Contract-Full Sad History

Police Guild Contract-- Again

Symbols: The Battle Flag

The Pandemic's Instructive Stories

Juneteenth and Tulsa

What's Trustworthy?

Riled Vigilantes

Ref. 90, Sex, Politics Part II

Police Guild Contract Signing?

We Make National News--Again

Ref. 90, Sex, Politics, and Religion, Part I

"Killology" and the Sheriff

Hydroxychloroquine and Anti-Science

Covid, Churches, and "Standing"

Covid and Local Churches

Undermining the Board of Health

Have a Meaningful Memorial Day

Local Far Right on Display

Covid and the Culture Factor

Candidate Gamesmanship, WA State

Covid-19 Re-opening Reality

Cowles and Candidates

Feel Like a Bystander?

Protestation or Intimidation?

Numbers Gathering Misconceptions

The Local Covid Come-Back--Brace Yourself

Antibody Testing, Some Basics

Viruses--an Orientation

Covid-19 Stories from the Front

Covid-19--It Gets Real

Liberty v. Virus, Liberty for Me, Virus for You

Look Over There! (Not Here)

Trump and his Science Problem

Science, Exercise, and Covid-19

Partisan Advantage from the Pandemic


The Reality of Artificial Ventilation

Covid-19, Dosage, and Exposure

Airborne Spread?

The Census!...and Potpourri

Where Are We Going?

"The Hammer and the Dance"

The Fox Effect

COVID-19 Numbers and Hope

Sa Special--COVID-19 and Numbers

COVID-19 Some Basic Biology

COVID-19 Thoughts

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DNC Convention-Nuts and Bolts


Primary Nuts and Bolts

Electability and Competence

Noise and Civics

Democratic Primary Thoughts

Hold Your Ballot Past Super Tuesday

Subversion of the People's Initiative Process

The Electoral College and the Route Around It

Evangelicals & Politics

Deep Breath

Matt and Heather at Marble and Malheur

Trump's Desperation and A Ray of Hope

Covenant Church


The Census, Why it is Critical

"Democracy Rebellion"--Time to Watch It

In Praise of Wikipedia

WA State Democratic Presidential Primary

What's a Million Dollars?

Impeachment Coverage

How the U.S. Senate Doesn't Function

MLK Day-Remember

MLK Weekend Events 2020

Matt Shea's Support

Trump, Iran, and Myopic History

The Democracy Rebellion

Matt Shea and Heather Scott

Ranked Choice Voting

Impeachment Trial by Secret Ballot?